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Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad (02:30AM) - MFThe first International Roma Congress held in London in 1971 claimed the right of Roma to be recognized as a full people. "Certainly envy, deviance, malevolence and other destructive feelings are largely shared by non-Gypsies, especially in the current disaster in Eastern Europe, but what is a plague for a population that is mainly structured becomes a calamity for a dispersed and persecuted people. The fact remains that in 2012, the political representation of Roma, both within the European Parliament, as well as national parliaments and other forms of representation within the member countries of the European Union, remains excessively limited. She was not re-elected to the European Parliament in the last European elections. It also prohibits torture, slavery or forced labour, arbitrary and unlawful detention and all forms of discrimination. There were also a lot of mixed marriages (myself came from it), whereas today, there are hardly any more because the Roma have no work. The IRWN is also a driving force for change in the Roma community on long taboo subjects such as early marriage, girls' education and homosexuality. Christianization, begun in a attested manner in the 3rd century, was completed in the 4th century.

Farolinho de Vila Real de Santo António (Lighthouse of Vila Real de Santo António), Portugal Overall, this general principle of prohibition of discrimination is interpreted by the Council of Europe in a broad way. In view of its field of action, it is therefore quite natural that the Council of Europe has been led to protect the rights of the Roma. On the basis of the Convention and its additional protocols, the European Court of Human Rights has been seized, since 1996, of about twenty applications considered admissible concerning specifically the Roma. The vast majority of applications that the Court has had to deal with so far have concerned the problem of police violence (Article 2 of the Convention relating to the right to life), inhuman or degrading treatment inflicted in detention or cases of sterilization of Roma women (Article 3 of the Convention on the prohibition of torture), collective expulsion procedures (Protocol No. 4), attacks on Roma villages or destruction of property belonging to them (Article 8 of the Convention on respect for private and family life and the home), but also for manifest discrimination (Article 14 of the Convention on the prohibition of discrimination and Protocol No. 12), such as the placement of Roma children in special schools, the refusal to grant a survivor's pension for non-recognition of traditional Roma marriage, or even the ban on a Roma standing for election.

On the other hand, it establishes a Court – the European Court of Human Rights, also known as the Court of Strasbourg – responsible for ensuring the implementation and effective respect, by the States Parties, of the rights and freedoms thus proclaimed. “Roma solidarity is not always appropriate. Brussels says it is delighted by the magnificent integration programs presented by each of the Member States, arsenal jersey but it never seeks to verify their application. It proclaims the right to life, the right to liberty and security, the right to a fair trial, the principle of legality of sentences, the right to respect for private and family life, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, freedom of expression or freedom of assembly and association. This is particularly the case of Article 14 of the Convention, which prohibits discrimination since it guarantees the enjoyment of the rights and freedoms set out in the Convention, without distinction of any kind, citing those based "on sex, race, colour, language, religion, political opinions or any other opinions, national or social origin, membership of a national minority, wealth, birth or any other situation”.

Man Working Laptop In particular, it recalls that “the enjoyment of any right provided for by law must be ensured, without any discrimination”, repeating the list of grounds for discrimination already present in Article 14 of the Convention. This organization, which today brings together 47 States, therefore aims to create a common democratic and legal space, based on the promotion of three central values: democracy, human rights and the rule of law. At that time, a group of young Sevillians, sons of former English immigrants, formed a society in order to practice football. Frank Arnesen, head of recruitment for Anderlecht start-ups, is fired. In 2000, during the 5th Roma World Congress in Prague, the idea of ​​a Roma nation was asserted, a nation “without compact territory and without claim to such a territory”. It means, on the one hand, that people in an identical situation should not be treated differently, but, on the other hand, people who are in a different situation should be treated differently. The Commissioner is particularly attentive to the situation of the Roma in the Balkans and is particularly concerned about the forced returns to Kosovo and the problems posed by the status of stateless persons from which these populations suffer.